Play House

Spring has sprung! Our 3 year old, now 4 year old officially outgrew her plastic playhouse. With summer right around the corner, I thought the kids needed a new play house, one that all the kids (9,7 & 4) could enjoy. NO WAY was I going to build some prefab house , oh no! I had a vision… and grand vision.


Thank goodness for my wonderful husband, he turned my vision of a 4’x 6′ play house into a design on paper. Once the plan was drawn up. I needed to figure out the dimensions. Thanks to my college architectural design class, I took his drawing and turned it into a working plan.


play house design



The construction process began. We started with the foundation. We needed to level the ground. We wanted the play house nestled into the landscape and in close proximity to our home.  Once the ground was level, we set in the footings and floor of the play house.

We constructed the walls in the garage (using our building plan) and moved them around and screwed them in place. We were able to make considerable progress.IMG_0587 (2)


If we thought building the frame was hard work… just wait! Adding the siding and roof was tough. No only was it heavy lifting… it took some thought and planning on how to maximize the 3 sheets of siding we purchased and have it look good.

IMG_1063 (2)


We wanted the house to be cool, so we added a lot of windows and decided to paint the frame inside the house white. We painted the floor the same color as the exterior of the house. We added a chalk board and curtains for color.

As a final touch the kids wanted a door bell, painted tree stump and open/closed sign.

Good luck constructing your own play house. Take your time and let your vision come to life, too. You’re kids will love it and have amazing memories for years to come.




Weekend Craft – Sock Puppet

This weekend, the girls and I needed a quick & easy craft… Sock puppets! 

Together we designed and created this cute Unicorn & Girl Scout Sock Puppet with items already in my craft room. 


  • Dad’s old sock (clean, of course)
  • Googley eyes
  • Felt
  • Cardstock (for the mouth & horn)
  • Feathers
  • Ribbon (tail)
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors

In total it took about 1 hour to create. I designed the mouth first, used sturdy felt to make the eyes stand up, created the horn and added the feathers. That was it!

Be creative… & have fun with the kids!  


Fall is a Great Time For a Party

What’s more fun than a Fall Party? A Fall Party with great kids and ‘spooktacular’ weather!!

Since both, me and my husband, are leading a Daisy Troop and Cub Scout Den this year, we thought having a fall party would be a great opportunity to get the girls and then, the boys together for some spooky fun!

This year, the party started with games and crafts.



A ‘spooky woods’ walk…





with a ‘spooky’ scavenger hunt and human spider web! (which was a big hit!)





We played games, and of course, decorated cookies with lots (and I mean, lots) of toppings!





It was a great day, and fun Fall Party and we got thumbs up from all kids- big and small!


Hoot! It’s Time for a Party!

For my daughter’s 5th birthday, I wanted to do something a little different. So we did a “Slumber” party, without the sleep over! Our theme was Owls, and boy did we decorate with Owls. I hand-made Owls which I  used as a table decorations and ‘hid’ owls around the house. The girls loved running around, hunting for the owls.

IMG_3514   IMG_3511

We also colored owl pictures and created a gallery!

IMG_5701    IMG_5721

The girls played owl games, and danced and sang to ‘Frozen’ with ribbon wands.

IMG_5727     ???????????????????????????????    IMG_3510    IMG_3507

We had a hoot playing owl bingo and enjoying cupcakes!

Owl Bingo Cards-009     IMG_5690

My little girl had such a wonderful time on her 5th birthday!


Sometimes friends give you a ‘kick in the pants’ when you need it!

A dear friend from my childhood contacted me asking about a table, I (I meaning my husband) built for my daughter’s birthday. We had 18, 4-5 year olds… And no place for them to eat cake!

So I came up with this brilliant idea (ok, cleaver idea, but brilliant sounds so much better) to build a table for the girls to sit around. My friend was inquiring how we made it.

At the end of the message, she said– you should really have a blog! Oh wait, I do!

As a full-time working mom, of 3, who commutes 2 hours a day who leads Girl Scouts, teaches card-making classes, runs kids to dance, volunteers at school, engages with teachers on class work, class behavior and classroom needs, throws parties for my kids…with hand-made: owls, party hats, cookies, cakes, invitations, signs and of course, tables… My blog goes by the way-side.

But sometimes you just need a good friend to give you a ‘kick in the pants’ to get you started again…. And for that, I am grateful! Thanks so much! This post is for you, Stefanie!



Creative Ideas for the Home!

Creative Tip # 1:
Today, I was cleaning out our kitchen junk drawer and I came across a Febreze Car Vent clip. These are a must have in our vehicle as we shuttle around 3 kiddo and all of their stinky gear! In the spirit of cleaning out the drawer, I could not in good conscious put it back and believe it not, our vehicles are adequately stocked… ‘so where can this one go” I thought.

Ahhhh haaaaa! We use fan throughout the house in the summer and what a perfect place to add this Febreze Vent Clip. The clip adds a nice, faint scent to the house that’s not too over-powering.

I’ll plan to use these on my house vents throughout the year — especially in the bathroom!

Well, back to cleaning!



Slappy Valentine’s Day

I love every holiday. I get to spend time with my kiddos and husband — but it gives me an excuse to craft. Last year, I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to create a fun valentine  for my son to hand out to his class– something boys and girls would both like.

I thought……and thought……and thought……

and it finally came to me! Slap bracelets! What is more fun for a kindergartener to do than slap fun colored bracelets around their wrists.


I wanted to share this idea for those crafters who are looking for a fun valentine to make for their child’s class. This is also a great project to get the kids involved, too!

What you’ll need:

  • slap bracelets
  • 2″ scallop punch
  • 1 3/4″ circle punch
  • computer & printer (used to print – “Slappy Valentine’s Day”)
  • Xacto knife (used to create 2 slits in the 2″ scallop circle to insert the bracelet into)
  • heart stickers (optional)


Wishing everyone a “Slappy” Valentine’s Day!